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Title: Faction change
Post by: Bunnz on August 25, 2013, 08:36:55 pm
Well, nostalgia made me return to Mythos, and as there was nothing else to do, my idea was to change factions from Tigan to Ordo in order to get the Ordo quests.
So i started the Rep quest at Fort Hope and expected to have to do that stupid quest 75 times (which would be okay), but now, after completing the quest 75 times, it seems i have to do it at least another 75 times, or even 150 times to be able to switch factions  :o ...
The maths: 75 times to get Rep from Enemy to Dubious, another 75 times to get to Apprehensive, another 75 times to get to Indifferent... Is that correct ???  :'(? ? ?
Title: Re: Faction change
Post by: [Moderator] Scotland on August 27, 2013, 08:29:37 am
I cant answer your question because I dont know =/

I remember how to do it quickly.... I think.

1. Your in fort hope, im in the dungeon I send you a TP
2. You kill everything in the dungeon without looting the quest items, most or all mobs will drop the quest items.
3. you then go around collecting the quest items after all monster in dungeon are dead.
4. When You open a TP, it will take you to Fort Hope from discordia dungeon.
5. Hand in quest, and take the quest again.....go back in your TP, and start looting the rest of the quest items that will be on the floor due to killing everything.
6. When there is no more quest items on the floor simply walk out the dungeon without using the anchor stone reset and repeat from 2.

If you dont use the anchor stone to come out, you will never bind your self to discordia, meaning your TP will always take you back to Fort Hope from inside the dungeon. All the monsters in the dungeon will be dead and every floor will have quest items on the ground so all you need to do in theory is hop in and out of the TP to collect  quest items.

If you are receiving the quest then running to crumbling then into discordia > collecting quest item > running back through crumbling back into fort hope to hand in the quest then yes its going to take a hell of a long time.

Next time you are on just send me a /w and ill TP you into the dungeon you need. to try the method above.
Title: Re: Faction change
Post by: Bunnz on August 28, 2013, 11:37:17 pm
Kind offer, Scot, but i guess even your help and that big dose of nostalgia won't make me try to complete the faction change quest line.
At the moment i am hopping around, testing some other games, but haven't found anything like Mythos yet  :'( ...
Title: Re: Faction change
Post by: Ronasaki on September 13, 2017, 05:31:43 am
Your information, I strongly agree.
Title: Re: Faction change
Post by: Phoebeex on August 15, 2018, 12:17:30 am
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