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1st CBT feedback & criticsm
« on: December 02, 2011, 04:26:35 am »

here is some first feedback and criticsm for T3 to read. Firstly, I, too, cannot start the game (error 401). I am living in the UK and my ISP is VirginMedia. I had hoped to be able to start and play the game to some extend as this was possible in the past and while it was under the management of Flagship Studios. Needless to point out that this is a disappointing first impression.

Secondly, the game setup is too complicated and fails to follow standards. The setup should not at all rely on the presence of a browser software, because a browser is not needed to play the game itself. The setup software should also not change a browser's homepage. Tell your developers to keep their hands of people's homepage setting and to remove the software dependency.
The game then does not install under "C:\Program Files\" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\" by default. This is another break from the norm.
Please, get your developers to stay on the beaten path. Get them to keep it simple and to focus on the game*). Every break from the norm and every new software dependency creates additional problems, measurable in a percentage of players who cannot install or play the game.

Thirdly, the website does not work properly. I can log in to my T3 account with Firefox, but IE fails. When trying to log in to with my ID and password does IE only pop up a message saying to "Please Login.." without logging me in. (The account was created some time ago for Hellgate.)

And, using my T3 user ID and password then is not recognized by the Mythos forum. Using my Facebook account to log into the forum fails, too. I still have to create a Mythos forum account after going over Facebook.

You probably want to get some quality control process going here.

I will check your website for changes, but will not be playing the game as this is currently not possible for me.

Good luck!

*) Players measure a game by its graphics, sound and game-play experience. Most players do not care about the installation and the start process. There is simply much more to it. For example, games (not all) need to be paid for, require account and login, a fast computer and graphics card, a network connection etc.. So do not make this fact glamorous, you will only suck.
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Re: 1st CBT feedback & criticsm
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2011, 12:33:36 am »

Hello!  :)

Thank you for your suggestions and comments Bluehound.

Thoughts on game noted  :)