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Hi guys!

Just wanted to compile a list of materials that you can buy from NPCs in town. A lot of them actually help for Craftsman's Guild Master Craftsman (what a long name) Medison's quests.
*Actually, I made this to help those who didn't know those materials could actually be bought.

(CTRL+F to search for a specific material!)

Let's start!

Heaven Island:
*Right beside Medison.

Jeira the Goodskeeper
Copper Nugget
Nickel Nugget
Bronze Bar
Dull Scales
Brittle Carapace
Seaclad Wire
Knotted Wood
Sage Wood
Slimy Residue
Sage Powder
Shadow Dust
Simple Flask
Robust Flask
Clouded Crystal
Clear Crystal

Stonehill Market:
*Right beside Lite the Merchant in the center of the map.

Level 1 Material Merchant, Achilles:
Torn Webbing
Tin Nugget
Thin Aether
Coal Lump
Waxed Line
Frayed Hide
Rough Hide
Frail Bone
Stinging Venom
Grave Dust
Gnarled Wood
Rancid Ectoplasm
Veiled Phantasm
Crude Scrap
Chipped Fang
Rotten Eye
Slick Scales

Level 2 Material Merchant, Venus:
Steel Bar
Dusky Leather
Bright Lace
Ragged Scrap
Dull Anima
Sylph Dust
Lustrous Scales
Rigid Scales
Harsh Venom
Dry Bone
Dim Eye
Clouded Ectoplasm
Bewildered Phantasm

Fort Hope:
*Upper part of map, near Magnolte.

Level 3 Material Merchant, Odin:
Iron Nugget
Cinnabar Lump
Meteoc Bar
Amalgam Bar
Brightstem Braid
Coarse Hide
Stiff Hide
Warped Wood
Twisted Wood
Green Shroud
Swirling Aether
Scourge Grit
Smooth Carapace
Shadow Dust
Waxy Residue

Level 4 Material Merchant, Artemis:
Silver Nugget
Electrum Bar
Cling Line
Resin Line
Beaten Leather
Glazed Leather
Fused Leather
Glint Cloth
Coarse Scrap
Keen Anima
Fascination Oil
Fell Wood
Gleaming Scales
Tough Scales
Elastic Webbing
Burning Venom
Scarred Bone
Mystifying Phantasm

Endless Abyss:
*Very center of the map.

Level 5 Material Merchant, Apollon:
Sundrite Nugget
Gold Nugget
Chomium Nugget
Thick Hide
Rugged Hide
Grim Heart
Scorched Wood
Tempered Wood
Luminous Aether
Bane Dust
Etched Flask
Polished Crystal
Sharp Fang
Knotted Carapace
Phantom Dust
Gelatinous Residue

Level 6 Material Merchant, Eros:
Flamesteel Bar
Talonite Bar
Blaze Twine
Wild Heart
Burnished Leather
Blended Leather
Kindled Amber
Quality Scrap
Deep Anima
Golden Trobet
Reap Wood
Refractory Scales
Solid Scales
Serrated Fang
Sticky Webbing
Caustic Venom
Mystic Bone
Subtle Eye
Translucent Ectoplasm
Maddening Phantasm

(Added Endless Abyss Material Merchants on Feb. 22, 2012.)

*More to be added if there are new maps.

wow, now that is different from the EU and RU versions :)

Here's hoping that this feature remains post beta.

Should mean you don't need multiple mule characters just to hold you materials.

that's nice, at least on paper.

it reminds me of the original FSS beta version where there were more mat-seller NPCs too.

can't remember if you could buy all necessary crafting quest ingredients from merchants, but a very good deal of them at least..

but then again, in the latest version of Mythos EU, we also had the changed crafting quest system :

Only crafting points for doing those quests, no more auto level from character levelups, which was a bad decision to do, at that time back then..

few questions:
in current koran Mythos version, can you also buy more of those ingredients now?
in current Mythos global version, do you also only get level ups for crafting skills etc if you do the crafting NPC quests ? about the russian version..

Russian version has the same daft crafting exp implementation as ther was at the end on EU
[basically it's the same Mythos, but with a good few bug fixes, but still some the same basic flaws]

[Moderator] Scotland:
i think you get exp from crafting quests and crafting stuff in both versions, a little dicky bird told me that they still cant add sockets to crafted gear.
Bob is it possible to add sockets to crafted gear in korea? im sure i seen pics of it some where.
This imo is what ruined craft last time because 1 heraldy or infact 2 heraldys on the yellow crafted gear, is no where near as good as normal looted gear, and its very hard to get all the enchants you want.
Im sure they also removed the +2 heraldy on the yellow recipes in europe. which made them pointless to craft the fact they needed x15+ magic crests was a a joke any ways.

Adding 2 sockets + heraldy on crafted gear makes complete sense to me, adds market and achievement.

Oh btw very nice list its good to see all those matts in game venders o_o jealous


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