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crafting material selling bug?


didn't knew where to post it, so i post it here. the screenshots should talk by themselves:

1. Preparing to sell ONE piece of ragged scrap to npc, it gives me 8 cooper

2. After selling it, funds went up from 37 to 45...all normal till now

3. Preparing to sell THREE pieces of ragged scrap to npc, 8 cooper / piece should make it 24 cooper.....

4. BUT suprise, the funds went up from 45 to basically sold 3 pieces for the price of 1 piece.

found it out after I sold 50 ragged scraps for 8 cooper............... is it a bug or is supposed to be so?

-sidenote....notice the name of the merchants in stonehill market  ;D ;D-

[Moderator] Naoe:
Thank you for reporting this one! We shall forward it to the dev team.

note, that there's an display update bug...  I remember this from last EU client I tried, when 'buying'  materials as well :

the correct sum isn't displayed correctly after purchase,

but usually should update correctly once you close all interfaces, and open charscreen manually again (to be sure, leave area first)

not sure if this has been the case here, but it might be as well the same thing, basically..


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