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Piercing Barrage (Warning! Small dissertation ahead)

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I love the marksman class, but honestly this skill tree is incredibly weak. I have the skill itself and the first passive for it maxed out and yet it does far less damage than a basic attack, despite the fact that its supposed to add to my attack and fires more bullets. This may also have something to do with the fact that the bullets don't always seem to connect with the targets they go through. Just an observation.
This class is supposed to do more damage to avoid being hit. And while I realize that this skill may have been a bit OP in the initial Flagship version of the game, this is far too much. On a side note, Rapid Refire would be great but it chews through mana like nothing else.
 Please take a look at this during future skill balancing, and for the love of God, don't just nerf the BL but make the other classes stronger. This isn't a Korean grinder. Most ppl in the West like being able to build a powerful character that can easily crush normal mobs but have a challenge in boss and unique mobs. This is what made Diablo and Diablo II so popular. The fact that you could grow a powerful character by following almost any of the skill trees to the point of being OP by the standard of most other MMOs these days, was what made the game fun. Only they weren't OP compared to the other classes, it was just that all classes kicked ass. 
This is what made the game great and why so few games of the same genre have be able to attain the same success since than. Because instead of powering up other classes, they nerfed the best class down to the level of the others, creating all around weak chars. There's a reason most people are drawn to the most OP classes in games, becuase they're fun to play offering faster paced combat than the other classes. Learn from that and make Mythos a true successor to the Diablo genre. Afterall, people are most likely to spend money in the cash shop if they truely enjoy the game.

aaah, PB and Glancing both maxed and it's no good, whut?, damn.

they broke my cookie cutter ;/

I normally go PB [for mobs] and RR [for bosses], but as re-specs are free to lvl 40 I've been playing around with seeking Shot.

What's your base damage and AR like?

Is this true? I am a level 31 marksman with a full tree of rapid refire and piercing barrage.

Are you saying to take the points out of piercing and put the points where?

Don't worry about it, maxed PB is still the mob clearing skill it always was.

the weakness of bauble trap is a  problem though [for me at least]

Where the OP is correct, though I think he will be dissapointed, is about not reducing other classes and skills because they seem OP when compared to others.

Sadly though, what he may not realise is, this IS now a Korean grinder at it's roots, all the changes we see here spawn from the Korean version of the game, so nerf is the name of the game :(


--- Quote from: StephTheGadget on February 14, 2012, 05:42:23 pm ---
the weakness of bauble trap is a  problem though [for me at least]

--- End quote ---
+1 , Bauble is really too weak. Doesn't make much sense when the bauble traps are a 1 or 2 hit for most of the mobs :( ...


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