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~===Ambivalence Network Recruiting===~
« on: February 07, 2012, 02:25:05 am »
I'm coming from a established community of gamers centered around League of Legends. I've been playing Mythos recently as a break. I would like to see if we can expand into this game as a hold-over till D3. So this is the first attempt at establishing a foothold within this game.

Check out our website!

~====General Information====~
Since the majority of the internet has an attention span of 15 seconds, hereís some quick uh, tilde points:

~Ventrilo! [Mostly an EST/CST split]
~Great playerbase
~A website! Ö........whattta joke :3
~Halpz for nubbies/new players [We don't bite, promise!]
~No ******bags [We're nice~]

It should be noted that this is not a diehard clan. We have about an even split of casual/tryha--er, higher-Elo players, so feel free to find your own little niche.


We donít really have any strict requirements, so hereís some desired aspects of those who wish to join us:

~Be at least 16
[We understand that age doesn't = Maturity but it's just a measure to save time]

~Have a Ventrilo and a mike
[Microphone isn't necessary, per se, but it makes things so much easier]
[If you've never used Ventrilo before, just answer below and we can help you with it]

~Speak English
[Fluency isn't key, however speaking the same language the rest of us do does help us!]

[Don't be shy, talk to us! We're fun people to talk to, I promise.]

I should also add that we have no tryouts. Huzzah!

So just fill out the application, and hope for the best! (Honestly though, Itís more about your personality than what youíre about to fill out.)

Once you're accepted into the clan, you will find the vent info on the left side of the homepage when you're logged in.