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CBT Event Winners
« on: December 08, 2011, 12:39:52 am »
Good day everyone!

We are happy to announce the winners of our various CBT events! Congratulations and thank you very much to the people listed below:

King of Dungeon (Character Names)
- MuTwelve
- Lambda
- angster
- abuabu
- Themis

Mythos Write-Up (Forum Name)
- enguy
- playnowzx
- VinalG4ce

The Mythos Level Race (Facebook Name and Character Name)
- Daniel Mythos > Fateweave
- Eric Matis > Limpy
- Tri Dung Hong Nguyen > Wyabuh
- Ryan Wong > Vengence
- Ray Pa > Kiddosr
- Nguyen Chien Tang > MaThan
- Andrew Ang > angster
- XinXin Zhou > Freezing
- Maynard Evangelista > TotoyBato
- Mark Anthony Tablit > Miyo

Guild Up!
To Be Announced

1. For the "King of Dungeon" winners, kindly send your T3Fun account ID and Character name to Use "King of Dungeon" as your subject heading.

2. For the "Mythos Write-Up" winners, kindly send your T3Fun account ID and Forum name to Use "Mythos Write-Up" as your subject heading.

3. For "The Mythos Level Race" winners, kindly send your T3Fun account ID, Character name, and Facebook name to Use "Mythos Level Race" as your subject heading.

4. We will send your winning codes via email. Once OBT starts, send us an email containing your account ID, character name, and the code that we sent to

5. The prize will be sent to your specified account.
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