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Re: A Rough Guide *updated*
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The only way I see that working is going WIS and minion gear, since you'll be running through your mana constantly. That means being able to avoid stray novas from bosses, or just having a good tank. I'll try to work out a skill build that focuses on damage, sure.
Personally, I'd sacrifice some WIS for HP, as the only damage boost you get from wisdom are boom zippers, + you'll be one shot less if you wanna go solo relics or try any PvP at all.


Having tried this build and the marksman one, I would highly recommend the tinker build for level 51 damage - relics. It has AoE just as strong as Piercing Barrage, and far stronger boss damage, plus it is able to solo relics with ease. You will still want to put extra points into health - around 200 HP and 300 wis is a good idea to have, this will prevent you from being one shot.


*****WOOO, WIS tinker guide*****

3. Really simple build:

This includes the 2 skill points from Pulley's quests - what you might want to alter is to take out the 2nd tier surpression widget skill (which allows you to summon more) and put them into bauble trap, however, everything dies so fast that I really found no use for bauble, unless for PvP - but so far this sux in PvP, you become way too squishy to do anything, and your consistent, unavoidable damage is far too low. (This worked in the STR build, because you were unkillable)

I just started playing this game today and I gotta say that i love it. I can't stop playing it. I made Gad charactor that had the most Agility/Dex thinking it would be best for a gad. After playing around with the class i like the tinkerer skill tree. It does alot of damage.  I cast my Lightning Turrent and Tesla's and everything dies. I hardly even use Boo m Zipper but when I do it kills everything. I like to pull a whole a room then spam zipper for max effect. I have been putting my att points in dex thinking that was whats needed for a Gad but after reading the above guide it seems like wisdom is that stat to buff up.

My questions are:
     Do I put all my att points into wisdom? No points in dex?
     Is all the gear that I will be using all wisdom gear? I guess its all robe gear i guess. Also What about my main/off hand. What do I use there. I can't use 2h rifle since its dex base. the 1h rifle is wis so I guess i use that. What do I use in my off hand? can you dual weld 1h rifles? What do i use in my off hand?
     Also I plan on making a new charactor if this build is only a wisdom build and select a race with max Wisdom since it should give me a headstart in that stat.

Well i'm off to eat dinner. I'll be checking the thread on and off..