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Hi experience BLs,

Any suggestion for a good PVP build for BL at 50?

[Moderator] Scotland:
Im not a PvP player nor claim to be any good at it, but ill try help you out here.

Bloodlings Maxed
Blood rage Maxed
Crimson Mark (this is needed when fighting Gadgets or Pyros you dont want your minions attacking Collosus or baubles)

BladeBreaker (doesnt need maxed 2nd passive 1 point only)
StumpingWind, this is a passive for hammers it adds a proc for 22% stun and can be stacked ( hammers can have minion stats)
Adrenaline rush (doesnt need maxed)
Furious Focus Maxed

As for stats aim for Minion Equips with a lot of melee speed and of course Critical. If you stack enough melee speed
your blade breaker animation will look comical.

Hope this helps... any one else share another build ?

Don't think blood mark thingy works, i've succesfully used bauble against minions, it's not a problem. What you might want to try is going tanky (thick skin), maxing out the furious focus passives, getting razor aura and blood leech (the one that heals off of bleeds) to counter minions + a melee DPS skill of your choice, provided it isn't bugged, and on top of all this, get adrenalive rush. Then just chase ****, heal and one shot it. Fun.

hmm i wonder who uses that build sora seems bad seems like a carbon copy of someone i know's build SEEMS LIKE A CARBON COPY SORA! CARBON!

I came up with it, nobody uses it


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