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Where is it I can aqcuire ancient carapece? It is a tier 9 material needed to socket high end armor. Googling the issue comes up with: insects. Having run through several level 50 dungeons with insects, I haven't seen a single drop. It seems like normal dungeons dont drop this.

 I know that green rune gates drop materials, I've been running quite a few of those to collect all the other mats. But since the epic rune gates have been removed, we're stuck with blue and green rune gates, but the only level 50 gates are green, and they only give access to ice areas similar to recovery forest and the dark icy tomb dungeon - neither of which have any insects. I believe lvl 50 yellows would have a decent amount of insect mobs, and thus, the item, but those have been removed..

Should i just keep on searching or is it really unattainable?

Relic dungeons should drop ancient carapace

ran sorcerers cottage a load of times with giant spiders (gonna test out on beetle mobs, seen that menioned somewhere), and never seen one


should? have you actually seen one from relics

Atleast on EU version those materials dropped alot from sorceress cottage

yep, but sadly a lot of things have changed from EU, i was there too

 will try again,  whilst paying close attention


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