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Where does a lvl 33 grind?


Where does a level 33 grind? Where are the dungeons that have level 30-40 mobs?


i guess you have to go to Ordo or Tigan

Did you do that quest thing where you'll choose a faction? You'll need to go to that ice-place next.

[Moderator] Scotland:
if you have not chose a faction and do not wish to quest then look for partys heading to RF (recovery forest) its
a normal dungeon found north of endles abyss in forgoten tomb. The mobs in there go right up to 51 depending on the
level of the person entering 1st.

Take care what level you party with.

Mobs will be the level of the party leader [good :D], but if the level difference is greater than 15, you won't get any exp.


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