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Boom Zipper sounds awesome!... but...


So, I'm level 8, I have Boom Zipper rank 7(6+1 from the start necklace) and Fleet Zipper rank 6, so for 201.1 mana I can summon 5 Boom Zippers that do about 161 fire damage each, and they home onto targets! That's epic... or, it would be epically fun if the Boom Zippers didn't lock onto 1 target, or actually, the closest target, all 5 of them, so much power and mana wasted, on 1 bear that doesn't even need the full power of 1 Boom Zipper to kill. I got a few instances where there were multiple enemies at the correct length, 4 groups of 1-2 mobs each, and the 1 Boom Zipper went to each except 1 that got 2. Now that was fun. So disappointing... No real point to this post, just venting my frustration at this skill.

[Moderator] Scotland:
this is the only reason i never liked them there pretty good aswell. The routes they take when they target enemy could be a bit beter than like you said wasted on one bear =D.

It's alot better than marksmans tier30 cannon :D
It locks on onto 1 target and so the 11 missiles are wasted on 1 silly monster, while it took 2 seconds to charge that spell :p

[Moderator] Calligraphy:
Yup. It's more efficient when there are lots of mobs clustered together. When the zippers explode, all of them will die. Haha. It's also somewhat good against bosses since they have tons of HP. The damage of the zippers are, therefore, not wasted.

Also, since you're just level 8, you could spend your other skill points somewhere else. You need not max your zippers as early as now since most of the mobs have little HP. That will save you mana. :)

The Zippers are Epic. They do so much damage and you can cast more then 1 at a time. Depending on what build you go with Zipper won't be used all the time. Most of the time I summon my turrents and Teslas and they kill everything with no problem.  The Best way to use zipper is to run around in a area and pull alot of mobs then spam Zipper. Everything dies. Its so funny. Using the zipper on a boss is really uber. More so if you have a pyro in your group with a fire resist debuff on the boss. The Boss will die so fast. Combine that with Fire turrent and its game over... I love the Zippers. Really good power. It makes clearing dungeons so fast..


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