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Stat(s) and Build Concerns
« on: March 16, 2012, 02:01:00 pm »
Hey Community,

I have been playing the BL class for quite a while now level 33. Overall I have been enjoying the game and class. Since the beginning, I have been having some concerns pertaining to the class.

What is the most preferred end game BL build? Is it 1h and shield Martialist? Dual Wield Crimsonate?... And what are the most important "stats" that fall in that build. Would it be attack rating 1st, melee damage bonus % 2nd, strength 3rd, then vitality?... I do prefer to DPS end game, but anything else works, I have no problem with adapting. I am also not talking about skill points, many people get that confused.  :-\

I need a better insight on the most important stat to maintain in that build, from most important to least. For example, something as simple as this may help, attack rating > melee damage bonus % > strength > etc. How much of that stat % or value I need to maintain. What I may also need to look for in gear may also bring a lot of great help.

Also feel free to share which skills are helpful in that certain build, and whether if they should be maxed or not.

I apologize if there is already a topic relevant to this one, please refer me to it.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Stat(s) and Build Concerns
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2012, 11:24:56 pm »
Hi there!

Yes, there is a relevant topic about this already. Here's the link:

Some of the questions that you asked were already discussed there. Feel free to add some comments or suggestions to that thread to get a good grasp of what you're trying to achieve. :)

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Re: Stat(s) and Build Concerns
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2012, 05:49:56 am »
After posting that info I decided to try this build, I guess it spurred me on to attempting a BL dps build. There is some problems I have encountered and the build wont work untill the problems are fixed.

1. Vamp Strike passive for Piercing Flurry does not work as it should
2. Life Draw does not work as it should.

The build is a complete Fail without Life draw, unless you stack Vit and equip STR for gears only IE Stat Build STR.
What im talking about is gearing up with very low STR required armour that has high value in STR base untill you can equip your end game gear then spend in Vit and build from there with the same pattern untill you have just the correct ammount of STR to equip all gear then spend the rest in Vit.

Vit right now seems to be the most important stat for any DPS or tank, all the DPS builds right now seem to be some kind of
Off Tank and its down to the Life Draw not working. I should not need to work towards getting over 65K HP as a dps build
The Life Draw should be enough to see me maintain. But sadly Its obv not as its not working.

Stats im Still exploring my self but this is what im going to be using in term of most important to me as a DPS, I will be working towards Life draw gear in the hope that its fixed in the future.

Melee speed > STR > melee dmg bonus > weap dmg bonus > Vit > Critical chance > crit bonus.
(untill life draw is fixed my attributes are going into Vit)
This formula does not look right at all but non the less im going to stick to my guns and see what happens.

I plan on socketing all trinkets with 3 sockets each and ill cap my critical bonus with relic gems 25% critical bonus to each
socket along with +7 wis, thats 250% critical bonus from sockets alone (bamons heart 25% critical bonus +7 wis*trinket).
So for right now critical bonus on gear is not that important to me due to the trinkets I plan on making

I think no doubt the pattern im going to follow will change as some of the passives in the BL tree offer enough crit chance
im still not sure yet on what is best suited for this build, Every one is diffrent like I said in previous post I have no experience in DPS str BL so anything written down here has to be taken very lightly, all my experience lays with in wisdom builds.

Level 26 right now on the DPS build ive managed to stack enough speed on piercing flurry the animation is comical Im on about 12-15 hits per second infact it goes so fast i cant even keep track of the hits, the tick is faster than the animation  dont know if the speed on the gears will be beter than slower speed higher dmg > crit

There is not one player who has managed to create a decent DPS build yet with BL str other than those who buy points on the Item shop for extra skill points. Not a day goes by where I dont hear or see a BL DPS build asking for advice on how to solo relics without getting owned the end result is either Quit or change Build and its a bloody Sad Fact > life draw needs fixed, Vamp strike needs fixed !
To me the most important Gear equip > Life Draw and it is broken, and so is  the most important passive Vamp Strike untill these issues are resolved its going to be a bumpy ride.

I cant give you exact sums like you asked as ive said im still very much a newbie with DPS BL str. I hope some of this wall of text helps you out towards becoming a decent DPS.

Life Draw gloves (quest item)
Life draw belt (reputation gear)
Life Draw Helm (can be looted)
Life draw Weaps + rings (looted)

PS : for any one taking Life Draw Equips make sure you RE ROLL the stats, to do this simply abandon the quest and re take it and the stats on that piece of armour will change. I managed to get from 1% for 3% HP draw up to 3% for 7% on a quest item so RE Rolling the stats Helps vast ammounts.
You can also RE ROLL the stats on the reputation Gear, simply check the stats on the shop and if your not happy with them then simply switch maps look on the shop again and the stats will be diffrent.

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Re: Stat(s) and Build Concerns
« Reply #3 on: March 17, 2012, 05:10:12 pm »
Pretty sad about what still needs to be fixed in order for us BLs to have a viable DPS build, but nonetheless great tips! Thanks scotland.