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I have been running around as a str Red Hand. I use Blood Sleet as my main attack atm as well as Bloodlings. The question is if I go Martialist what would my main two attacks be as far as aoe and single target go.

The lack of activity on these forums scares me.

[Moderator] Deception:
Hi there!

This link might be helpful for your gaming needs as a Bloodletter:;topicseen#msg1107

[Moderator] Scotland:
Dont take martial tree alone, I am strongly against any type of pure in mythos it just cant work at end game. If its AoE attacks
your looking for on martial then Sever is your best bet. Infact you can put 1 point in sever and it works fine till end game but im
sure you only strike 2 mobs at a time with one point so its a bit anoying, Sever is really OP from lower lvls aswell.
If you need more advice other than the little I put here just ask ill try me best.

I tried my hardest not to post on this topic to wait and see if any one else would suggest any ideas but nothing other than that link =/ every one is waiting on a patch that we think is maybe a little overdue, bad timing. When this patch is launched they will no doubt have more events and post on mmo websites to get the activity going again and no doubt some of the other players that left will return (but for how long).


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