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What else besides the Tinker skills?


I'm using a Gadgeteer and allocated my skill points in the Tinker tier. I have tesla widget, the two turrets, boom zipper, and the ultimate. I have extra skill points, but I'm not sure where to place the extra ones. As you can see, my build is purely relying on summon so I'm not really using my basic attack.

Any tips?

I guess you have to make a choice between adding some skills from either the Nades, or the Marksman tree [imo, not possible to get anything useful from both, given that you've invested a lot of points in Tinker]

You don't say where your skill points have gone, but given that you are summoning, I'm guessing that you'll have a lot in wizdon rather than dexterity.

That being the case, I'd suggest looking at the nades tree.
If you have enough points, Body of Steel is a useful survival skill [can't remember what it's stats are here, but the defence buff when maxed on RU is quite high]

Sticking with the Tinker tree, you have Medical widgets and Supression widgets, the latter ideally should be maxed for best benefit.

Personally, I'd re-spec out of the teslas, into something with a bit more damage, or one of the buff widgets as above.

I see. Thanks!

Yeah, I've invested my attribute points in Wisdom and no Dex. I've been thinking of getting the medical widget, but I'm not sure about the suppression. It's effectiveness seems to be very limited both in PVE and PVP.


--- Quote from: clive on March 28, 2012, 09:18:25 pm ---I'm not sure about the suppression. It's effectiveness seems to be very limited both in PVE and PVP.

--- End quote ---

The main advantage of suppression widgets comes, not from the slowing effect, but when you max the 3rd tier, Frailty Field due to the good debuff on target resists.

Also, forgot to mention the control widget [can't remeber the name off hand, but it's the one that converts som opponents to your side]. Won't be good for PvP, and relatively limited in PvE as it wont work with elites or bosses. But, it is a useful skill for areas like crystal defence [should be in the next patch] and in Ice Horn Plateau [which hopefully we'll get at some point]

That does tend to be an issue with Mythos, is very difficult to get a build that is good at eveything.

If you want to excel at any one thing PvE, PvP, Crystal etc. you generally need a specialist build

I would go for the Fire wall or put the points into the other trees passive. That bar that opens up new skill teirs. The stat buffs are really good.  Every build should at least have 5 or more skill points in each passive tree...


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