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When can I dual wield & other detailed information on skills.

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I"m specifically looking for when or how I can be able to dual wield but I thought a better question would be if anyone knows a site where I can find information on skills and levels or attributes required for the skills.


you can dual wield at any time. From lvl 1 to 51 and so on. Just equip 2 1H weapons and your dual wielding...  Be advise that the damage range that you see under details is the damage range of each weapon. so left hand will do 23-50 and the right will do 23-50.. Here's detailed info:

Dual Wielding
In Mythos you can use two one handed pieces of equipment at the same time (however there are some limitations, such as only being able to use one shield). When doing so, the pieces of equipment currently act independent of one another, and so their stat modifiers do not combine like most people would hope. Instead, the weapons still roll their normal damage amounts. The number that you see on your status window, then, is actually the minimum and maximum damage of either of the guns. For instance, if you have one pistol with 3-10 damage, and another pistol with 5-12, the character screen will display 3-12 damage instead of 8-22 or some combination.

I was curious about this today, actually.

I was looking at the stats under the character in the C menu and the only thing I saw change was the Damage stat.  I was confused by the numbers, but after reading that it shows the full range of the lowest to the highest of either weapon, it makes sense.

The things that confuse me are the following:

I was thinking that the left and right mouse buttons were linked to the left and right hands, but this does not seem to be true.  The only thing I can figure is that it's set up to allow you to link skills to each left and right mouse button, but the actual skills use different hands in different ways...? 

Using a single 1H weapon in the main hand gives it's Damage range as normal.  Switching it to the offhand makes all the skills reliant on a weapon red and unuseable, which is confusing.  So, it favors the character's right hand for the skills, and the left hand won't allow the use of skills.

I tested three different 1H weapons in each hand, and I did see a noticeable change in my toon's attack speed when holding down the mouse buttons.  Since I can't find a practice dummy or a monster that doesn't die in two seconds I can't test and see actual damage numbers.

What does a second weapon in the offhand (left hand) actually do?

I don't have enough different skills to test since I'm a noob, but any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.   :D

[Moderator] Scotland:
When you wield two weapons it takes dmg from the main hand and then the off hand, effects only proc on the main hand
but Life Draw on the off hand will stack with the main hand (infact it stacks on all gear). Im sure other effects stack IE fire nova.
Some weapons will attack faster than others, hope that helps.

Dont think it matters what mouse button it is. The off hand weapon is just there in addition to how ever you want to build
your character, like how a sword might offer more attack speed than a shield ever could its just more variables to toss in the mixer
leading up to the stats best suited to your characters build.

Hope that helps.

It's an interesting concept.

What's tripping me up now is the details on each weapons stats that list their attack speed, such as "Slower Attack Speed" and "Fast Attack Speed."  The only thing I notice changing are the animations of my character's speed attacking, but I can't seem to see any pattern and for the most part it seems like the "Slower Attack Speed" weapons go faster. 

The melee DMG in the C menu isn't showing anything but 0%

Any insight on this would be helpful, thanks!


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