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A problem I'm having with quests in this game.


I've been doing a blog with reviews of various Facebook and F2P Online games, and was starting to work on a review for Mythos, since I thought it would be an interesting one to talk about. And a chunk of the game is actually very nice, and it's getting a pretty good review from me. But what I'd like to do is make a comment on the forums about a serious and annoying problem I am seeing that I hope will someday be corrected, and this is a problem I have seen in the past with some of Perfect world Entertainment's games: Quests not giving all the vital information for successful quest completion, whether it be telling you what you're trying to kill or where to find them, or who to talk to afterwards. Allow me to give some examples and what it should be like, and one of these examples are in Windmill Village, and two of them are in Stonehill Market:

1. One of the side quests started in Windmill Village has you doing an errand for a guard. During the first time you talk to him, he tells you that he needs your help....And you have absolutely no idea what he wants you to do until you accept the quest, which is to kill Wolves until you get some Wolf Skins. You kill the wolves, and think to return to the guard to complete the quest, but he won't take the skins. Why? Because you have to take them to Rohan in Stonehill Market. And you'll only find this out if you go to the quest journal....there you'll see all the information you need. What should happen is this: When you talk to the guard, the same paper-looking screen you see in the quest journal should show up here, telling you to collect wolf skins and take them to Rohan in Stonehill Market. Or at the very least have the quest tracker change from "Wolf Skins x/3" to "Return to Rohan in Stonehill Market". I noticed in future quests that a brief piece of information saying to "talk to [whoever]" does pop up, but it shows up so quickly that you have to be really paying attention to see it.

2. There's a quest in Stonehill Market where you have to get some Imp loincloths from some imps. The quest dialog window does not tell you that the imps in question are in the Valley Breeze Cave dungeon. There are imps in Windmill Village, but they won't drop the requested item, no matter how many you kill. The only way to find out is by looking at the quest journal and it tells you right at the top of the quest information screen. What should happen is that the quest tracker should say "Go to Valley Breeze Cave" and then switch to "Imp Loincloths x/8" when you enter the dungeon.

3. There's a quest in Stonehill Market where you have to kill a monster named Warpollie in the Shaman's Cave dungeon. But when you're talking to the little boy that wants you to kill this monster, he says absolutely nothing about what he wants you to do other than what seemed to me to be crying over a dog that took his toy. And even in the quest tracker, the only new thing you can see is to go get the toy. Only by looking at the quest journal do you see where you have to go and what you have to kill. The quest tracker should say "Go to Shaman's Cave" and then change to "Kill Warpollie" when you enter the dungeon.

All of these can also be helped by actually showing the same paper-looking screen you see when you look at the quest journal that tells you right at the top of the page as to where to go and what to do. Having to push "L", then selecting the quest to read exactly what to do, really hurts and starts in taking the fun out of what otherwise is a really great and enjoyable game.

I will say that the majority of the quests are actually giving some form of instruction as to where to go and what to kill, but things like this are the "bad apples" that can make a game very aggravating.

And as an aside, another problem I see: When an item says that it requires a Dexterity of [whatever], I should expect to have a stat to increase called Dexterity, NOT AGILITY! (Or the requirement should say "Agility", not Dexterity.).

When I do complete my review, I will be happy to link to it here so people can read it.

Correct that there are some faults in quests.
Sometimes vital information is missing and you just have to check dungeon enterances to look where quest can be done.
Best way is to take all avaible quests and just run around dungeons and kill all mobs =)
ofcourse sometimes mobs dont drop all the quests items and you have to reset dungeon many times. (waste of stamina)
My personal record is 7 resets to get necessery items to complete quests (quest is around lvl42+ evergreen pasture)

Back in EU i reported to frogster about 200-250 bugs when it was in beta.
About handfull was fixed.

Ive played this game so much that i dont now even notice quest bugs and faults anymore.
stopped reporting bugs after EU servers went down.
seem that same (disease) is in global version also. (DEVS dont listen community)

Your report is pretty detailed but i think the main problem is for an easy reason : the translation of the quests from korean to english...
And i am really surprise a player read the quest description... i done 500 quests and i didn't read them at all, just go to the dungeon then kill mobs for the reward.

I think if you read all, you will leveling really slowly (so much to read lol) :)

[priority spirit ON]
BTW, i think there's more annoying bugs than that.
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