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Grenadier build, is it still viable in this version?

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i used to play on the eu version before it shut down,reached lvl 50 fairly fast and then got bored,but i started playing again now.

K, so im thinking of spamming latchbomb, i know thats still a solid skill to use,but i dont know how effective bauble trap is anymore,when i played it was bugged so it only needed 1 point,with more points in it it kinda uses too much mana and its only good in pve so im thinking of not using it at all since i wont be needing it untill im high level but then flametrap would be more difficult to use.

also i dunno if latchbomb damage is affected by the suppression widget debuff
I never used Noxious grenade cause it used too much mana and its dmg was lower :P

So please share your thoughts on the matter :P

i basically wanna make it again just to say : Catch a grenade for me! Run in front of a flame for me,yah yah:D
edit:****! just found out latchbomb was nerfed! but nerfed how? in damage or in range? god dang it,my eyes popped like i was trying really hard to take a dump wile saying Fuuu...2 min later..uuuuck! im probably breaking the rules with my first post! GJ for me ,yay!

well, Bauble has been nerfed to hell, not really of any use even when maxed in all three tiers :/

If you want to make Grenadier viable, you got to go full wisdom.
That being the case, the mana cost for nox nade shouldn't really be a problem.
Hell there were some wiz gadgets on EU with more wisdom than pyros :)

heh i know that,i was full wisdom :) did more dmg than pyros too ^_^ but the downside is the grenadier skills arent that flashy :D or spamable since it takes a second or two to inflict that dmg it evens out with pyros,well it used too since they have summon that can tank while we run around in circles :P
im not really sure if nox grenade can compete with flametrap ,im gonna try it at around lvl 30-40 tough and see where it gets me

good luck with that :)

All I know is marksman is a lot harder since they killed bauble :(


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