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I'm making a Tinkerer Gad atm. Using the build from Korro  I would like to no where can I get Minion Stat Gear? The +damage, + health, +armor, +minion count, etc.. Also what weapon carrier these stats? I no Str gear has these stats. Does wisdom gear have this stat also? Now when it comes to the +1. +2. +3 minion count where can i find this at? I think it only comes on necklace's and rings maybe. Also will it count towards Torrents and Teslas?

All gears can have minion stats. It doesn't matter whether it's STR, DEX, or WIS based since all three classes have viable summoner builds.

For weapons, I would suggest two wands. Staff, I believe, is more for Cinderblades because I noticed that Staff stats usually contains a lot of _% chance to ___ when hitting, which is not needed for Tinkers. Tinkers need as much minion damage as possible and two wands can provide that. Two pistols are also not recommended because I haven't seen pistols with minion stats.

For plus minion count, I think some necklaces can provide that. However, it's mostly through a skill gem which you can craft using the scroll/parchment/blueprint that you get from relic runs, a few other materials, and a very rare magic rune crest. It acts like a jewel that you can place in sockets but it increases the level of the skill instead.


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