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Quest Directions are bad


From lvl 1-15 I loved the game. it is so much fun. The quest tell you where to go and which dungeon to go into. Very nice.. Good info. At lvl 15 a new zone opens up but you will still have quests all over the place. Why is it that the lvl 11 and up quest don't give you proper directions? Heres a example:

     "Defeat Patati in Short Respite Cave and take the Ferus' Wand to Albus on heaven island"

Can any of you tell whats wrong with these directions? A player that's been playing a while might no the area that it might be in because there have been to these area's.  A New player will not no wheer the hell this is. If this games zone was made of dungeons names/zone then all you would need is to take the flight there. But this game is made up zone and within each zone there's a dungeon List. You have to go to these zones and click on the dungeon list and view the list of dungeons... So will someone no where this dungeon is with out going all over the damn place? What makes it even more dumb is that the dungeon List doesn't even make a exclamation mark on the outside letting you no that you have a Quest there. You have to actually click on the list and browse through the list to see if you have a dungeon quest there. That pretty much means that you will need to go all over the dang place just to look for where your mission is... Here's a mission from one of the quest that has perfect directions:

Daily Quest lvl 15:
     "Go though the dungeon portal of Fort Hope and kill Heybaltong at the Goblin Mines and get Green Money bag and bring it back to Daily quest board"

See that? From start to finish. A player can't say they don't no where to go. Chat is always filled with players asking "where this and that dungeon is".

you no I went from loving this game to not even telling anyone that i play it. the last thing i won't is to have them go though the same sh... I was so into the game. lvl up learning my class, joined a guild and everything... So much fun in 15 lvl's lol...


--- Quote from: cjacksonii on March 31, 2012, 09:00:59 pm ---I've been doing a blog with reviews of various Facebook and F2P Online games, and was starting to work on a review for Mythos, since I thought it would be an interesting one to talk about. And a chunk of the game is actually very nice, and it's getting a pretty good review from me. But what I'd like to do is make a comment on the forums about a serious and annoying problem I am seeing that I hope will someday be corrected, and this is a problem I have seen in the past with some of Perfect world Entertainment's games: Quests not giving all the vital information for successful quest completion, whether it be telling you what you're trying to kill or where to find them, or who to talk to afterwards. ....

--- End quote ---

Heres a Link to his post

Not all quests are like that. There are a lot with complete details. Although I agree that not all have complete details, there are only a few. That shouldn't deter you from enjoying the game. Besides, dungeons are marked with exclamation points if there's a quest for that dungeon. Also, quests are not hard to find if you just follow the sequential story and side quests since they are usually grouped in just one or two zones.


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