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[Moderator] Scotland:
updated: 10/6/13

If you dismantle gear with the hammer in your inventory you have the chance to get a type of crest. Combine these crests
in the Mysticube, eventually you get its final form Magical runestone Crest. Four magical crests make 1 skill Addition Gem.
Skill Addition gems either give you the skill if you dont have it or push your skill over the skill spend limit, providing your skill is maxed.

Hammer Time
The hammer in your inventory can be used any time while in game, and is used to dismantle gear that can be equipped.

Breaking down explained:
Every item you pick up that can be equipped, can be broken down to receive crests and crafting materials.
The Crests are listed here in tier order from lowest to highest.
Rune stone powder
Rune stone piece
Rune stone crest
Advanced runestone
Legendry runestone
Magical rune stone Crest

Magical Runestone crest is the Red one.

Mysticube Explained:

You will recieve the mysticube from Medison via a lvl 17 quest. This mysticube can be used to change
items into other useable items, its also great for storage.
The Crests and Powders are placed into the cube click combine and the next tier crest will appear in
your inventory. You can also add gems that you loot to the cube and combine them into a better one
it requires 4 gems of the same tier to create the next tier gem. The last type of gem the cube can make is "Perfect Gem"

Skill Recipes and Skill Gems:
Skill recipes are found in certain dungeons or from bosses they are a key ingredient to making Skill Gems.
Each Skill gem requires x4 magical runestone crest + 1 skill Recipe both placed into the cube to get your desired gem.
This will push your skill to the next level the max amount of gems for each skill is 5. Even if you have not learned the
skill adding the skill gem will give you the skill on your skill page to drag to your hot key bar.

There are three diffrent types of recipes and numerous others for each type.
Blue Print is for gadget gems
Scroll is for pyro gems
Parchment is for Blood letter gems
Example pyro skill recipe

It would be very hard to try and figure out all of these recipes your self but lucky for us an older player managed to get
information on all or most of the skill recipes the link can be found here .
Some pictures have sadly been removed, the gadgets just never stood a chance but ive managed to upload a
cache picture and will fill out details on each blueprint below.

How To
As soon as you log in you start to break items down, and im talking about all items unless
you want to id an item to see if its any use to your class otherwise dont id and break it down.
From breaking down every thing at the start of the game till almost end game you will have collected enough
Magic Crests to create your very own skill gems. You wont have much gold but it doesnt matter untill late levels in the game.

Hopefully this guide will help you obtain true power on mythos Good Luck.

You dont need to dismantle white, blue, green or purple if you dont want to, I dont.
The tool tip for Runestone piece is wrong atm the cube requires 16 not 14.
It is possible to make one magic crest in a day.
Dismantle a Brown Item yields magic crests and legendarys.
It is possible to get x2 Legendarys from 1 item.
Not all end game builds require skill gems, A few builds benefit from other gems instead.

Gadget Blue Prints

This is a cache image as the other no longer exists so its very blurry =/. Credit to bunnz its better than nothing
it would have been lost for good. The other pictures can still be found via the hyper link above.
If you need to know what blue print you need just ask on this topic.

Very useful information! Thanks scotland.  ;D

That is awesome info to know.

Thank you for sharing it with us for sure.

Whoa! Skill recipes? I had no idea.

All I know is that to make money, you only pick up, identify, and sell purple or higher items. You can identify Blue ones and still make a profit, but the amount of inventory and inconvenience that identifying and selling all blue items give make them not worth it. That's just a newb tip of mine though, and I only reached about level 40+ on the other server. :P


--- Quote from: scotland on November 30, 2011, 07:54:06 pm ---...lucky for us an older player managed to get information on all or most of the skill recipes the link can be found here i take no credit for this list.
--- End quote ---
Your welcome ;)
Glad to see that it's still going to some use.

If you didn't play Frogster's EU version, just skip to the pics :P


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