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[Moderator] Scotland:
The Ultimate BloodLetter Guide - LvL 1 to 51
In this guide im going to explain how I skilled my character from lvl 1 to 51 and then im going to explain how to rebuild your BL so that the Average Joe will be able to solo an end game boss without using 500 potions and taking 45+ minutes on the main boss. I know there is a lot of bloodletters out there dying to know how this is possible wihthout being a 500 pot tank, If you are already 51 and just need the Build advice and Tips skip this first section as it only explains the skill distribution on your way to level 51.

Before we go any further I would like to emphasis the point that the build and gear im using are not the Best and I used NO skill gems what so ever. My plan was to create a build and get gear without using any cash shop items or buying extra skill points so that I could  point out to you the player, that you dont need to be an uber pwner to solo a relic main boss.
The Boss Build is Pure PvE  non of the skills that where chosen will aid me that much in a pvp match but more about that later first ill go over the skills needed to get you on your way to 51.

The beginning of the story.
Right at the very start you recieve a necklace that adds three skills, keep it and do not toss it away or vender it. Start working on bloodlings skill only untill you can summon four minions (If the  necklace is equiped the skill wont go to max), do not spend any points in the  passives for bloodlings (yet) instead start to work on the skill Blood Sleet you will want to max that skill and its passives.
Your main skill will be Blood Sleet which is a spam AoE skill for quik dungeon running and questing Your Boss killing method will be Piercing flurry.
I must say at this point you wont always need the necklace that gives you three skills, when you stop using it spend only one point in Piercing Flurry and one in its passive "perforate" that is all thats required on  all bosses...for now.

Here comes the dmg.
After you have blood sleet and all its passives maxed look on the Crimsonate tree and start spending your skill points on  Furious Focus. This is priority and all of the Furious Focus passive tree must be maxed. This will add even more DMG to blood sleet and piercing flurry along with the critical bonuses.

So what now.
That there is a solid start on your way to 51, So what now ?.......  Work on Bloodlings passives next  "bloodlings mastery" etc untill you have the bloodling tree maxed.
Blood rage and Imps are  NOT required the main role for the Bloodlings will be finding any quest objects you might  miss or to take some DMG from bosses as you use flurry on them, like I said sleet is your main AoE killer and  minions for this build are to be taken lightly (cannon fodder).
After you have the bloodlings tree and its passives maxed you should start to work on Adrenaline Rush and its passive Raze, Adrenaline rush will not only make your movement speed quiker it also increases the melee attack speed for a short duration on piercing flurry (its also an immunity from slow effect).

To cap it off.
Blood Sleet "all" max - check
Furious focus "all" max - check
Piercing flurry 1, passive perforate 1 - check
Bloodlings skill and passive maxed - check
Adrenaline rush and passive maxed - check
Attributes Pure STR - Check

Check list complete.
After you have completed the check list above your going to be wondering where to spend points next, I started to spend points in teleport "blood phase" and some skill points in the Martial Tree for the critic and dmg bonus. Its completly up to you where to spend any remaining points.

Farming at 51.
At this point in the game I would suggest that you Farm gear and Gold for a couple of Days maybe even a week or more if you want the best possible build.
Gears that I focused on stat wise where Vit + MaxLife, along with STR on armour and trinkets and any critical or melee DMG bonus was last priority. Like I said at the top this Build was for an Average Joe, All of my gear is not fully enchanted and its no where near as good as it can be. After you have loads of Life and Vit gear go enchant it all with the gold you have collected from farming and try get the best possible gear for the gold you have.
I would only enchant each piece of gear twice, If i got two really bad enchants then I would do no more and move on to the next piece of armour.
Always use minor Protection Aids on the best looking Gear.

Tips on your way to 51.
-Try to get a low level Necklace (lvl 39) with high ammount of Vit + Max Life so you can socket it much easyer than the higher lvl Trinkets, socket it with perfect Amythiest or If you can get Zivia Claws gem from Archaeological Expedition then even beter.

-If you want to Grind your way to 51, Kill Mobs that are 5 to 10 levels above you with your Daily Buff active, a party is best but not that important with this build and strategy on mob hunting (I hit lvl 51 in 24 hours of game play with this build)

-If you really want to be succesfull with solo relic attempts then I cant stress enough the fact that you need to farm gear on the build i mentioned above for some days.

-Keep your Attribute Reset, that you get from level 1 it will prove very usefull when you want to make the switch.
Keep the Necklace that gives three Skills as the sever skill that comes with it will be handy when you want to farm mobs and have no other AoE after the switch.

[Moderator] Scotland:
The Ultimate BloodLetter Guide - Solo Relic
Relic Dungeon Solo Attempts
Stonehill Market - Sorcerers Cottage - Complete
Evergreen Pasture - Secret Laboratory - Complete                             
Archaeological Expedition - Abandoned Beast Forest - Not Complete   
Research Academy - Crystal Mine - Not Complete                                 
Crumbling Kingdom - Kyultellas Royal Mausoleum - Complete
Crumbling Kingdom - Fallen Lach Temple - Complete
Endless Abyss - Abyssal Rift - Complete
Cold Breath - Dark Altar of Rites - Complete
Cold Breath - Cold Spirit Mine - Complete
I will start by saying that I never followed any pattern for example 3Vit and 2Str.
After I farmed enough HP+ Max life gear with high STR rings I only spent enough Attribute points in order to equip the gear that I had. I did not have the highest Tier of 291 str Armour top equiped either instead I chose the lower 278 str Tier.
I did not add any STR achievs either as I did Not want to be bound to STR achievments. After enough points are spent to equip all of your gear pump the rest of the points into Vit.
There is a lvl 49 [Job] Quest on heaven island that offers an Attribute reset, its chained from other job quests. The quests its self requires you to kill some bosses in relic zones you might want to get help if you havnt saved your attribute from the start

Equipment and Preperation.
If you have done as I suggested and farmed enough gear and Gold then its time to enchant it and try get the best possible outcome for all the gear you have.
Do Not respec untill you are happy with all of your gear including Trinkets because after the respec farming with the build that im going to lay out is not much fun as you will have no AoE other than Sever from the Newbie skill trinket that was suggested for you to keep. If you dont have this necklace and would like it then go create a new BL and mail yourself the necklace.

You will want to add All of the Vit + dmg achievments to increase your HP pool
even further, and ofcourse they add DMG aswell. I spent a lot of time AFK while not playing mythos to get the best achievments possible, after all time played is achievments gained.

Health and Mana.
After I reset my attributes and equiped my gear with all of my achievments my total Health pool was 48k. My mana pool was very low due to not spending any points in wisdom but do not worry you wont need that much mana with this build.
With thick skin activated my HP pool is 60k.

Its Not Life Leech.
Before we go any further id like to talk a little about Life Draw and how it is calculated. For example Vamp strike passive for Piercing Flurry will NOT steal the enemys HP to replenish yours. The Life Draw is based on the ammount of DMG that you do to the enemy divided by the total Draw to replenish your HP.

Here is a very easy Example
If you do 1000dmg to the mob and your life draw is 5% to Draw 10%HP
then every time you hit that 5% to draw 10%HP with dmg of 1000 you will draw a maximum of 100HP.
It does seem very low it even seems like its not worth while but life draw does stack from other items and over the duration of your attempts to solo a relic I can bet you that little life draw will help you in the long run.
Sorted now we know its not life Leech lets move on to the skills.

Skills that define a warrior.
Piercing Flurry  only needs 1 point, Perforate 1 and vamp strike 8
Thick Skin Maxed and all of its passives.
Blood Might Maxed 5 points total.
Hard Blood 1 point
Blood Hunger Max 5 points.
Parry 1 point
Blade specialist 5 > Adapt of Edges 5
Deep wounds 1 > Blade Shards 1
Focusing Wounds 1 point
Furious Focus 6 > Blinding focus 6 > Focus Mastery 8
Razer Aura 5

Lets Talk skills and there usage.
To start of ill explain why ive only spent 1 point in Hard blood, the reason being that there is an even further Defence Increase when combined with Blood Might.
Both of these skills will only work when the enemy is bleedling and they do need to be stacked.
Piercing Flurry has to be kept on 1 skill point or the mana consumption is just to much you can add dmg with blood might and the passives ive selected above.
Parry is pretty straight forward, 1 point for 5% block why thank you I think ill take that to increase my 27% shield to 32% block. If you have a 32% block shield even beter but still take 1 in parry.
Blood hunger will Replenish 10% of your HP per mob around you as long as they are bleeding, the more mobs around you the beter it is.
Furious Focus yet again straight forward, you want dmg dmg dmg and critical.

Ultimate Tips for an Ultimate BloodLetter.
- The very first thing you will want to do before you aproach the final boss is to get those buffs stacked from the mobs bleeding around you. First stack blood might then stack Hard Blood and hover your mouse over the debuff timer to check they are at there maximum buff. BM 510% > HB 700.

- The single most important aspect of being able to solo any relic is your HP and how you recover it, You will want to try and save monsters DO NOT kill them keep them alive they are your life line and will keep you alive as long as you use blood hunger correctly. Try to get the attention of just 1 or 2 monsters at any given time while maintaining DPS on the boss keep as many of the mobs alive as possible with 1 or 2 bleeding behind you for blood hunger.

- Always be aware of your Buffs watch the timer or count down in your head Never let the debuff timer run out while your killing the main boss or you need to stack your buffs all over again.

- Smelt all your Armour one time for the 100% chance to success cant go wrong right ? and why not (any more smelts at your own risk).
Try smelt your weapon as much as possible I would suggest you find some weapon with the Title "Legendary"  on it as these weapons offer more base dmg.
I would maybe go to 6 or 7 smelts and always use minor protection aids when the chance % starts getting low, Smelting weapons will increase the base DMG and smelting Armour will increase the Armour Base.

- Find a low level Necklace (lvl 39) that you can socket easy that has a lot of life because most high level trinkets are hard to socket as the materials required to socket high lvl trinkets are hard to get (tier 10), and tier 10's drop from the relic main boss.

- PvP, this build was not made in any way to be PvP viable I only focused on pure PvE.

Last Words.
I made this guide because a lot of people where asking for advice on how to solo and end game boss without using the 500 pot method.... I must say its gone beter than I ever thought it would and am very pleased with my efforts with gear that is not even fully enchanted I have managed to solo a good Few relics even some hard ones just to make sure the build has what it takes. I set out to solo the Main boss only after all that is what people are wanting to kill. I only use about 1 or 2 mana pots per main boss and most times I didnt even use Health potions.

I have achieved this in very little time with very average gear, I did not want to add skill sockets to prove that it can be done by any Average Joe who doesnt have a lot of time to work on skill sockets.

Good luck and if you have any questions on the Build or infact any questions on a specific relic then please do ask. Ive included a screen shot of all my gear below to give you guys/gals and example of how average my gear is.
Some of the gear is ok but in time im sure ill have much beter with all gear enchanted to to the max.

[Moderator] Scotland:
Here is the gear that I used during my solo relic boss attempts, oh and btw they all died the first time round. I have also
included my stats and attributes on the bottom right I just hope its not to small and you can all see that they
are not that great... far from it.

Ring fixed.

Some one asked for me to post screen shots of the skill tree I use and have 0 points in Red Hand so chose not to show.
ps: maybe I would remove focus wounds for something else its not needed.

Nice guide, need to read all deeply but just a little question, for the 6 achievements, what are they and the name of them if it's possible :)


--- Quote ---Achievments.
You will want to add All of the Vit + dmg achievments to increase your HP pool
even further, and ofcourse they add DMG aswell. I spent a lot of time AFK while not playing mythos to get the best achievments possible, after all time played is achievments gained.

--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: nalufei on April 16, 2012, 07:19:01 am ---Nice guide, need to read all deeply but just a little question, for the 6 achievements, what are they and the name of them if it's possible :)


--- Quote ---Achievments.
You will want to add All of the Vit + dmg achievments to increase your HP pool
even further, and ofcourse they add DMG aswell. I spent a lot of time AFK while not playing mythos to get the best achievments possible, after all time played is achievments gained.

--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

It'll be the 'Stay in Uld for xxx hours' achievements, as these give +xx to Vitality and +yy% to damage.

I'd be interested to know the highest one Scotland has. [they go all the way up to 10,000 hours  :o ]


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