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Just for show you what i found today, a recipe with really high materials needed !! o.o

Do you have some too ??? I'm curious to see if you get some higher / hard stuff to make like this one :)

I also found a "secret" recipe, not sold on shop on Heaven Island for make a Tier 8 material...
So maybe we can find some ancient carapace recipes ????

Hehe, i can dream no ?

[Moderator] Scotland:
These where nerfed a long time ago, they should come with sockets + heraldy slot (from what I was told).
So now there is no point in crafting such gear. Its just typical every thing about crafting is just set up to be a Failure.

Id rather create 3 skill gems than make that gear =).

Scotland is right on this
crafted gear has almost random stats and theres really high chance to FAIL!
dont even bother making those

ps: think i have somewhere those crafter gear stats in screenshots hidden in my hdd
In europe i crafted those all high gears


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