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What's the best option for Gems on a Sword



Simple question, for a DPS BL, what gems should i use for 2 slots Sword 1 hand ?
There's a lot of different gems, and i don't really know, what's the best choice.

Is it :
- Perfect Diamond ?
- something else (relic boss gem ??)

Thanks for your opinion.

[Moderator] Scotland:
ronchileros origin is your best bet but placed in a weapon the bonus is not as great as placing in a trinket.

Weapon value +4 weap dmg and +5 STR
Trinket value   +5 weap dmg and +7 STR

3 sockets in a necklace and 2 sockets in each ring would seem like the best choice for gaining dmg bonus at a total of
"35+ weap dmg and 49+ STR"

Thats clearly not inlcuding any dmg bonus that may already be on those trinkets.

I have no idea why a lot of blood letters try to get as much STR as they possibly can there is just no need for it unless
you use the skill blood sleet, something that actually scales with STR.

What skill are you planning on using with your weapon of choice.

ok ok, so i'm not just talking about STR or BL DPS.
In general, what gems should i use on the sword. I think for you, it's definitively skill gems.
And gems of vitality / max life ? not good ?

I understand better stats is on trinklet but i want use my sockets on the sword and equipment (plate, boots, belt....)

ty boss

[Moderator] Scotland:
Its hard to answer that unless you tell me what skills in general =p do you want to use.
I would never socket a BL's weapon unless its for the skills red mist or blood command, any thing else is a complete fail
or is not needed. I actually tested Furious Focus gems but the skills have been replaced with another skill
it no longer exists due to the Furious Focus tree getting nerfed from Skill to Passive.

for a BL dps im going to assume thats using piercing flurry and to get the most dps from that it would have to be perfect
Tourimaline to increase the attack speed.

Such a shame that is ranged and not melee dmg

ok :)


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