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Can use help on build


I'm planning a Sleet & Bloodlings Red Hand BL

Anyone has a skill build for it? Also what equips should I look for? šause if 2Hs I'll need to start pumpin' DEX

Also, is STR the only attribute need, or WIS as well?

[Moderator] Scotland:
blood sleet tree Max, Furious Focus Tree Max, Bloodlings No blood rage No imps. Adren rush and any thing else is up to you. Maybe spend one point in piercingflurry for bosses.

Sleet is pretty straight forward for weap/armour stats STR > critical chance > Critical bonus > optional

This how ever is not the  best build for killing the last relic bosses unless you are willing to use 400 mana pots.
You dont need wisdom if you dont mind chain poting or gaining some wisdom on gear > Max STR, sleet is very nice in pvp
but like i said its just to slow on relic end boss.


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