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Area 4 boss drop list


[Moderator] Scotland:
Had this in an email for a while it can still be used its very ruff not edited I will maybe fix later, how they drop is very
simple for example if one boss drops boots then they all drop there.  As for the wands or staffs im assuming that would
fall under 1h or 2h item types.

Land of the Dead
Wand 1hs*= Mutated Fish Forest
glove = cannon ball keep
Belt = Hill of Horror
Boots = Undead Laboratory
Staff 2hs*= Black Hand Port
Helm = Franz Villa
Rings = Dead Flower Forest
hammer 1hs* = desicated forest
shield = myst dark
torsos = isolated house
necklace = fortress of blood
shoulder = fortress of  dead
Pants = Bloody Battlegrounds

Vyle Castle
Cape = Breath of Dead
Spear 1hs*= Celestial Highlands / Moon Wind
Scepter 1hs*= sky highlands
Shirt = Black Cure Forest

Sorry, but it's not clear for me. Is it some "Bind to Equip" equipment Zone 4 you talk about or what ?

[Moderator] Scotland:
the orange set effect items that drop from the boss on the last floors, that should clear things up =P

OK, thank you. I didn't loot one for the moment...
Can i be annoying ? i want screenshots for every item ^^

[Moderator] Scotland:
updated added torso, shield and glove.

edit: fixed glove actually added.


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