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Feim-Time's  Tinker Gadgeteer

This character build may not be the best solo class, but really shines in a group. With this build I did solo majority of the relic areas (other then the new zone).  The strength of this build is its ability to take down bosses. Flame sentry is a devastating skill, when used correctly. Below is the build that I used, people have asked about my build so I decided to show what I did.


Lightning turret (LT) - Main skill used in levelling, questing and general mob killing

Flame Sentry (FS) - The Boss killer!

Medical Widget - Used to help heal your tank.

Suppression Widget - Slows down targets, but more importantly -24% resistance reduction to whatever  is targeted. You can cast three of these guys, but they will not stack even if they are locked on the the same target. (the slow might stack but not the resistance.)

Boom Zipper-  Good damage.  Lags game with a full party good for getting off a lot of damage quick. Also good in  pvp.

Photon Lazer- Excellent boss killer, Works well to help deal ton of damage quick!

(still testing the skills below)

Telsa widget - Not the super power is once was. With level 60 now here I plan on experimenting with this. It has good potential to add to how much damage you can do with out a lot of effort.

Marksmen tree

Black powder-  increases how far you can throw widgets

Tinker- increased ranged attack speed, Faster throwing of widgets


It is a pure wisdom build. so do not bother with anything else. Wisdom does not increase damage but casting  FS and LT takes a ton of mana.


When setting up your gear my goal was to have as much damage as possible. The big three stats you should be looking for (in order of importance are) +minion damage, more mana (through +wisdom or + mana) , and adding to life.

Keep in mind adding + skills into flame sentry should be high on your list of thing to do. It adds to damage (see below for math)

Socketing your gear and adding Bamon's trapped soul  to your gear (+ minion damage and wisdom)

Other stats (in no real order)

+ moment speed - since your life is not going to be high enough to take a ton of damage, I run away and try not to get hit

+ ranged attack speed - allows you to cast you minions faster

+  resistances


I used all +minion stats. You get 1% minion for ever 100,000 minions cast (ie+7% for 300,000) . Boom zipper is the skill to use here, with the 5 minions for ever cast. This takes time but just jump between heaven and stonehill market ever time your mana gets low. This takes time but well worth it.

The Flame Sentry advantage (Math Time)

The mighty damage of Flame sentry.

1 FS  (231)estimated at 1.2 k damage with out any skill charms (skills only add to burts not damage, but do not worry the facts are in the math)

231*1.2k =  277.2k damage

6 FS @1.2k damage= 1663.2 k damage

Add on 3 skill gems which increases your burst number to 294

6FS @1.2k *294= 2116.8k damage!!

Keep in mind that suppression widget can decrease the enemies resistance by 24%. Which equals 24% more damage! If you have a pyro with lava field in your party your damage goes too high for my little brain do that math!

This is my first guide ever, I'm sorry for my ****ty grammar and spelling. I hate proof reading things! Feel free to add your comments!

Hi! I'm a wisdom Tinker too. I have a few questions:

1. Is it worth it to increase the Flame Sentry and Lightning Turret first tier skills? I noticed that it significantly adds mana cost but it only reduces cooldown. FS says it also adds flame burst count which I suppose is the number of flames it emits, thus increasing the duration before it runs out of flames, I suppose?

2. Did you max out all the skills for your suppression widget?

3. For black powder, is it only widgets or turrets as well? I tested it with Scotland and it did increase the throwing range for turrets too. Although by just very small amounts.

4. Tinker increases throwing speed of turrets too or just widgets?

Thanks so much!

1) You get ur damage from turrets is from strength in numbers. Having to wait 2 seconds to cast  another turret would be the death of you in a relic and slow down any type of questing or general runs.

2) I fully maxed my suppression widgets. it has good bonus for you and your party

3/4) It does add distance and throwing speed  but unless you plan on trying pure pvp not worth it imo.

Ok thank you! I tried the suppression widget and the 24 resistance decrease is wonderful! However, what's wrong with the AI of that widget? It tends to follow me around too much instead of targeting a nearby enemy. Do they really work that way? It kind of limits their effectiveness.

The suppression widget works well on bosses when you have a tank. They do not really help all that much when you are mob killing.


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