Author Topic: Strength Cinderblade and Wisdom Cinderblade?  (Read 3014 times)

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Strength Cinderblade and Wisdom Cinderblade?
« on: June 14, 2012, 09:55:03 am »
I was exploring the forums and I was reading many different kinds of builds to distribute stat points. Some include 2 str to 1 wisdom, all strength, and lastly all wisdom. What is the difference between a wisdom cinderblade and a strength cinderblade? (pros and cons for both?) Also, how does the skill build change when running different kinds of Cinderblade builds.

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Re: Strength Cinderblade and Wisdom Cinderblade?
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2012, 11:30:25 am »
Pure STR cinder is mainly a pure DPS class that will rely on having a tank in the party to take the DMG or the cinder will
die quikly due to not having much hp.

Pure wisdom cinder IMO is beter for PvP, you take on the casting skills as your main skill choice and use Burning Arc if the
enemy player gets to close.

STR cinder mainly rely on the cinder tree for skills
Wis cinder will rely on skills from coal smasher, wis = dmg skills.

Pros for STR cinder, Extreme DMG in Pve. (over 50k+ critical hits)
Cons for STR, Die quikly while solo, and run out of mana very quikly.
Pros for Wis cinder, PvP ~ have the best of both world's, Casting skills that do good DMG and  melee with nice dmg
Cons for wis cinder, wont do as well in Pve as the STR cinder.

STR build needs to build up on all of the defence skills such as brilliant aura, thermal screen and flame guard and burn arc.
Wis build takes casting skills such as, lava field + hall of magma and field of fire and burning arc

This is one of the hardest class in the game to get balanced correct, no one that I know has tried to make a HP build
for cinder and im sure it will have a lot more survivability than just going pure str. STR only to equip gears the rest in Vit
and equip gear with the most HP.

The Euphoria of such amazing DMG will be short lived when you reach higher levels.
Good luck 99% of the cinders I have gave advice to end up going another class at end game due to it being pretty hard
to get a good equilibrium on atributes and skills.