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[Moderator] Scotland:
There has been few mentions on these forums that bauble is no longer viable due to the nerf it recieved, so ive taken
it apun myself to go and test out this fish wife tale instead of just believing every thing I read.

Below you will find information and tips on how to aproach and kill each boss using bauble. The skill bauble IMO is a Must
for any gadget that wants to solo the hard boss'es after lvl 51. If you dont mind running around like a headless chicken then read no further.

What is Bauble ?  ~ Bauble is a trap Device that will Tank for you and absorb the DMG from mobs/boss.
When should I deploy Bauble ? ~ Toss Bauble when ever you are under pressure from mobs or before you take on a boss.
Is Bauble a minion ? ~ Yes, Bauble like all the gadgets turrets and widgets Gain from Minion HP/DMG/Armour

Only the Skill Bauble and the 1st passive Reflective Bauble is used dont waste your time with explosive bauble as the
main boss on land of dead region can not be silenced.
Skill Tree ~ Grenedier
Total skill points - 15

My equiped gear consists of minion stats but mainly stacking Minion HP . I thought about putting up a whole Build
guide but there is enough information on the forums to gain knowledge from.
I am pure wisdom because the Mana consumption from all the traps I toss cost huge ammounts of Mana.
I am a Tinker Build but did select Black Powder for increased Toss on ALL traps and widgets (marksman tree).

Ok now to the business end of things, Below is a List of All the dungeons after level 51, I have rated the dungeon bosses
between ranges of easy/medium/hard in conjunction with how easy or hard it was to use bauble and solo the boss.
There is also some side notes that I took because at the time thought it would be important to note some tips.

Castle Area's Ordo / tigan
Breath of Death - Medium
Moonwind - Medium 
Black Cure Forest - Easy
Sky Highlands - Medium

Land of the Dead
Black Hand Port - Medium
Fortress of Blood - Very Hard - ignores the bauble beware !!!!!!
Mysterious Dark - Medium - partially ignores
Dead Flower Forest - Hard - partially ignores, run around your bauble.
Grey Nebula - Easy
Mutated Fish - Medium - Do not move or he will chase you
Cannon Ball Keep - Easy
Franz'Villa - Medium
Fortress of the dead - Very Easy
Hill of Horrer - Medium/Hard, Do not move or he will chase you.
Bloody Battleground - easy, do not move or he will  chase you.
Desicated Forest - Easy/Medium, uses crazy mana steal be aware.
Isolated House - Medium/Hard, be aware of the teleports, stay out the LoS and kill the healer/archer.
Undead Laboratory - Easy
Undead Manufacturing base - Easy

After selecting Bauble on the new content area Ive had next to no problems taking on almost all of the bosses except
for one who will just completely ignore the bauble. It has greatly improved my gameplay, killing and would still
recommend this skill to any type of gadget that wants to take on a boss without running all over the place.

I do hope this is helpfull to other gadgets out there because for me as ive said bauble is a Must, GL have fun.


--- Quote from: [Moderator] Scotland on June 14, 2012, 11:09:51 am ---If you dont mind running around like a headless chicken then read no further.

--- End quote ---
"Headless Chicken" - what a nice way to describe my "throw all the lightning turrets you have and run in circles style"  :) .
I like the guide, but i am still not the Bauble fan i used to be on Mythos Europe when we had a single Bauble that stacked the "bauble hp". Ofc i have the Bauble on shortcut (the 15 skill points are worth spending, no doubt about that), but whther Bauble is the key to solo the big bad bosses still depends on your build and which skill you use to kill mobs/bosses  ;).
But what i actually really like about this guide is the "Boss/Dungeon Ranking List" as this ranking is useful no matter what style you are playing  :) .

So I guess that explains why I'm having a really hard time soloing them. I usually rely on kiting just like Bunnz, but many bosses in Land of the Dead do not only have large HP and powerful attacks, they even run VERY fast! Some bosses run faster than me even with a speed potion of swiftness.

I don't really like to invest skill points in Bauble since it's almost useless in PVP, but I guess my numerous deaths against bosses will require me to get it. Thanks for the info Scotland! :)

Update (as i stumbled upon my old posts  ;) ): Bauble Trap is (still) a good choice. No matter what build, invest those skill points. Bauble Trap is way weaker than it used to be in prior versions, esp Mythos Europe, but with the right stats (esp +Minion life) on your armour Bauble Trap will be indeed very, very useful. Bauble Trap doesn't only attract mobs, but attracts their ranged attacks too - and you and your party members can even hide behind your bauble traps (same with the other lightning turret and flame sentry btw). And btw, Scot's list is correct - Dakin in Fortress of Blood really s... when you try to solo  >:(   ;)...


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