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[Moderator] Scotland:
This guide is aimed at teaching people what exactly crystal defence is and how to get the best possible score while playing
solo as a gadget / tinker, I understand that the info in this guide will not transfer to all types of class in mythos but ill note some tips for other builds at the bottom.

What is crystal defence ?
Crystal defence is a mini game that involves protecting a crystal from destruction against waves of monsters.

At what level can I take part in crystal defence, and where do I find this mini game ?
Any one can take part in this mini game when they reach level 55, and its found in land of the dead at the north end.

When you enter crystal defence you will want to get your bauble in place straight away to prevent the crystal taking dmg.
Toss your bauble in the middle of two lanes and move back to the crystal, and prepare to set up your flame sentrys.

After you have cleared the mobs and set up your bauble right in the middle of two lanes you will want to set up your
flame sentrys on the opposite lanes to where your bauble is placed as shown below.

Set up another three flame sentrys on the other side exactly like this, that makes 6 flame sentrys deployed three on each
lane and your bauble taking dmg for the opposite two lanes.

After you have every thing set up exactly like I have shown you will need to keep checking your bauble and your flame sentrys, the best way to do this is to
use MMO view and rotate the camera in a 360 degree manor.

I normally toss lightning turrets next to the bauble or close to the spawn point where the monsters are coming from.
During some waves a boss will apear at a random side, what ever you do make sure he does NOT get near the crystal
or he will deal a lot of DMG and put your crystal at risk of being destroyed so make sure you deploy your bauble in front
of him so he gives the bauble dmg and not the cyrstal.

Now all you have to do is maintain this pattern of play for as long as you possibly can, do not forget to keep taking
mana potions the last thing you want is to run out of mana pool. I norm take in about 80 mana pots just so I do not run out.

How do I view the crystal defence top score list ?
Push the button "U" on your keyboard to bring up the PvP top rank list and click on the Text that says "over all ranking"

It might take a couple of mins for the defence list to refresh your score but it will apear as shown above.
The defence list is not supposed to preview like the picture above and I hope in time t3fun will get around to fixing it.
Its supposed to show how many rounds / waves / time you survived.
Good luck and have fun.

Ok so the guide was made mainly for tinkers but ill note some tips for other class'es.

Blood letter ~ Red hand
Spawn bloodlings and imps on three / four sides of the crystal while you take one side to your self.

Pyro ~ coal smasher
Spawn your golem on one side and let him tank while you cast cinder wall down one lane and spawn wisps on another

Not every build will be able to get a good score while playing solo, I just hope they activate the party mode soon
so that every build on mythos will be able to have fun and last long in this great mini game.

Another nice guide, thank you :).
Seems my lil Gadgeteer should be able to survive some attack waves (i will try that next week), but more important: Crystal Defence will be interesting for both PVP and PVE fans if you get Lamento points for surviving attack waves - as i already posted in the Gadgeteer section:  forget about buffs etc as a reward, just let players collect Lamento points, should be a good idea, as Lamento merchant etc is already implemented in game  ;)

[Moderator] Scotland:
you get ranked on the pvp list, you could technically get to rank #1 without even taking part in a lamento match
but you dont get lamento points =0


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