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How to keep High lvl players
« on: June 29, 2012, 12:07:11 pm »
1st off I would like to explain why there was so many high lvl players on the Old europe server, One person had a stock pile
of magic crests he bought from a player who exploited the crests he had so many he was able to sell these crests
to high lvl players and used the gold for his personal use.

My point is he managed to keep high level players on that server for months, giving people who enjoy the game a good
chance to continue playing the game testing out lots of diff builds, they where not cheap either its not like they where splashed
around for the sake of it (untill the game got shutdown).

The GM on Global at one point was even selling them on the Auction House but if you ask me it did not serve well and it only
builds up tension between the players with such high gold ammount they can out bid every one, leaving others left out.

So how can you take some bad examples like this and turn it into something good and legit, without taking to much away from
the aspects of the game its self. Well its actually rather simple and its something thats already in the game.

There are these Brown coloured items and they have the chance to Yield Magical Runestone crests + legendarys
I have only ever managed to loot x1 in the whole time ive played on the Global server.

I think these items should have a greater chance to drop, Providing players with these Brown coloured itemst at higher
drop rate but not so high that we are flooded with them would greatly help the ammounf of high level players willing
to stick around and play the game.

They did drop on europe In high level gates, but like I mentioned above I have managed to loot one in a normal dungeon
on Global so they must still be available in the game.

I Know the GM have limitations im not asking for a miracle but there is options avialable that can be done with not much
efferot that could change this games longevity, lets not forget the over priced cash shop either  :P.
If the company would like to keep on going forward with this game then they need to take action to keep the high
level players.

I would like player responce and GM team comments on increased drop rate of these special brown items.
There is no stats on the item they are  like a white item and almost look orange / purple = brown.
If I was to give an example of how many I think is acceptable ammount to get per day then I would say as low as 1 or 2
brown drops a day if you are lucky, nothing to drastic. 

Can something like this be done are the permissions there to change something like this ?, its been proven and tested imo
on frogster mythos europe that increased magic crests at a stable rate to the community has great benefits.

PS: fixing bugs also helps =p

Any new player that doesnt know what these magical crests are for it can be explained here in this guide
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