Author Topic: Mouse controls shot.  (Read 859 times)

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Mouse controls shot.
« on: August 04, 2012, 03:59:21 pm »
Fired up Mythos after a 2 week vacation, well my character no longer moves with my mouse, instead he attacks with the mouse click, I have reset my controls to default and all and still the same. I tried moving with asdw he moves as if he is measuring every inch of the world by stuttering. What is happening ?

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Re: Mouse controls shot.
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2012, 05:14:15 am »
this is common and happens to a lot of people,  there is a way to stop it by pushing a certain combination of buttons
like ctrl + f4  or alt +f5... these are just examples. im sorry i cant remeber the exact buttons to push most people need
to reinstall the game and it will fix this problem.