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[Moderator] Scotland:
There is no doubt people out there who know nothing about a full wisdom build so ill explain in short =).

The wisdom BL's main role is is Range / DMG with spells that can explode dead bodys on the ground to release projectiles
that auto aim towards the enemy releasing an elemental poison dmg that scales from your wisdom, crit bonus and critical chance.
(It would scale from spell dmg bonus % but as its buged and not working dont focus your gears on it)
Theres also another range skill that tosses a flask that leaves a circumference of blood on the ground that deals dmg in ticks which is great for bosses while you clear the trash with your projectiles + pets, if you choose them. The minions can tank bosses in normal dungeons but in a relic dungeon they will mainly get ignored.

I am including the extra 2 skill points that you get from completing [Job] Quests on heaven island, when you reach lvl
60 if you have taken then quest reward skill potion you will have 144 points in total.

Before we go any further just a few words about the passive Furious Focus, it does say on the tool tip about sword dmg
etc but its not the very 1st passive we need as wisdom BL's its the 3rd  passive Focus Mastery we need to use in order
to gain a DMG bonus to your wisdom spells, it also adds critical chance and bonus.

The dungeon Runner build
Red hand Tree 73 points in total.
Bloodlings + passives
Blood rage + passives
Blood command + passive
Adrenaline Rush + passive
Crimson Mark

Crimson Tree 71 points in total.
Furious Focus + passives
Red mist + passive
Blood might
Blood phase (this is perk im sure only spent 4 pts here, optional)

This build will see you through any dungeon clearing trash like nothing, and the ability to have your pets tank while
you toss red mist and buff with blood might, blood might is a buff that adds even more dmg to any of your skills other than
minions but the enemy must be bleeding in order for you to buff and fyi the buff % goes higher the more you use blood might
it will how ever cap on a certain % which you can view with your mouse if you hover on the buff icon top right of your  screen.

This next build is focused on adding even more dmg while staying alive without the minions as cannon fodder,
and is also based around party play in the dungeon Ard / relics.

The End Game Boss Killer
Martial Tree 46 points in total.
Thick skin + passives
Blade specialist passive

Crimson Tree 67 points in total.
Red mist + passives.
Furious focus + passives
Focusing wounds
blood might

Red hand Tree 31 points in total
Blood command maxed and spend 2 in passive.
Adrenaline rush 1 point and Raze 1 point.
there is different versions of this boss build and some people will say you dont need this and you dont need that, but at
the end of the day this is the most survivable build for Ard while doing nothing to your DMG on a 1vs1 situation with no
dead bodys around, which is very common on bosses.

Lowered the projectiles on blood command its not needed to much but is advised to clear some bodys in Ard, and have spent only a couple of pointsin Adrenaline Rush and Raze to get out of a Stun effect the boss puts on you. If you feel like you need more speed then just drink a speed pot problem solved.

Lets talk about one more thing the passive on the martial Tree you may or may not know is for people wielding swords
and it mainly benefits your blood might buff in conjunction with furious focus for more DMG bonuses.

So how can one invest in a passive that requires a bladed weapon when you are wielding wands or pistols, the answer is simple go to a low level dungeon and find a low lvl white sword/axe any bladed weapon.
If you buff with blood might using the sword you have equipped you should see a much bigger % bonus stacked on to blood
might than you would when you buff with your wands meaning more dmg. You can then switch back to your wands and
keep the buff active and it should stay on 510%.
Some people have claimed this is a bug but lets just be clear here this is game mechanics thats how it works =)

If any one has questions and is not sure about any of this information feel free to ask. These builds you see above
are not set in stone and there is plenty of perks / decisions to make on your own.

Enjoy, happy hunting.


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