Author Topic: Invert Y axis for camera?  (Read 1597 times)

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Invert Y axis for camera?
« on: September 14, 2012, 05:33:57 pm »
I'm a long time WoW player and I'm finding it very difficult to get used to the camera and movement controls of this game.

I was wondering if anyone knew a way to invert the Y axis of the on the MMO-style camera view. 
I am also having problems with the auto run button in this view, it doesn't seem to follow the direction I have the camera pointed.
Also, when you hold down both mouse buttons you run and can turn by turning your mouse, but the problem is it always casts your right click ability first. Very annoying.

I was just hoping someone might have some insight into any of these problems I'm having or maybe they could be fixed sometime.  Thanks.

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Re: Invert Y axis for camera?
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2012, 06:15:21 pm »
Hmm I dont know if its possible to change the XML file that should be located in documents/t3fun/mythos/settings

Other than that I have no idea how one would change the Y axis. As for using your skill when you hold two of the mouse
buttons in it happens to every one, the only thing I can suggest you do is actually use W,a,s and D  to control your
movement while holding in the mouse 1 button.  Doing this will give you full control over your guy and camera then just let
go of mouse 1 when you get into some action.

As for the auto run its a bit annoying  my guy normally runs in the direction he is facing but will often bounce of a rock
or slightly touch a wall and will be sent of in a new direction =(

your not alone tho loads of other people have issues about the mmo camera and movement we just have to make do.
Holding in mouse 1 and controlling with wasd is the best way.

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Re: Invert Y axis for camera?
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2012, 07:56:10 pm »
Thanks for the response :)

Yeah thats what I've been doing so far and I'm starting to get used to it.  I came to this game because my pc is pretty old and WoW just doesn't work well for me anymore.  This game is really great if they'd just fix a few bugs and make it easier to move around in.  Plus its free and you can't beat that.