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Wyvern Eggs Achievement


A little tip for get the "Wyvern Eggs" achievements :

- Go to Abandoned Beast Forest, a relic dungeon in Archeo Expedition (lvl 48+ required)
- Go to 3rd floor and stand at this place, we will see the boss Dragon.

- Wait few minutes, he will summon some eggs (more you wait, more you will have to kill).
- Then go down to see and kill all eggs quickly before the wyverns come to life.
- You can go upstair and wait again then you can kill more eggs.

You can get those achievements :

Scrambled                   Kill 250 Wyvern Eggs
Wyvern Egg Soup           Kill 500 Wyvern Eggs
Roasted Wyvern Egg   Kill 1000 Wyvern Eggs
Scramble                          Kill 2000 Wyvern Eggs
Wyvern of Darkness   Kill 5000 Wyvern Eggs
Don't Wake Up!           Kill 10000 Wyvern Eggs

Have fun


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