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i just fun this video, with Mythos inside ^^


[Moderator] Scotland:
my short review =p

Drakensang online - Could be good but movement sucks, ouch browser game shame. - asthetics 9 (for browser)

Fortune online - If you need an isometric quik fix sure lol but no.. just no ^^. asthetics 5 (browser)
about fortune online saying that its the closest to diablo we can get for free, did she even play mythos lol ?

Mythos - Could be the best ARPG to date given its true hack n slash style, but has never reached full potential. - aesthetics 7

Battle of Imortals - Fun for about a day, clicking on monsters in your journal then having a bot route take over untill
you reach your destination defeats the point for me - aesthetics 6
Vid makes this one look good dont be fooled pfff.

Mytheon - It was actually ok but the way the skills where randomly selected for you to use in each area kinda sucked - aesthetics 6 (shutdown)

Path of exile - Decent game here but its not really a questers game sure they might take you a while to do sometimes
but there is not enough content atm, but this is still beta reviews on this are to early to say as beta not supposed to
give 100% game representation but given enough content great game. asthetics - 9

one she didnt talk about.

Torchlight 2 - its not really an MMO but as a hack n slash isometric its a great game filled with lots of potential
play with your friends in a relaxed manor or rush to complete content with randoms. aesthetics - 8

I have played all of these and more nothing compare to mythos and all aesthetics are based on how much I enjoyed
playing with those visualizations for each game.

Mythos should have been imo sitting on top spot of ARPG games for years in the mainstream industry, given more content
patches bug fixes lvl caps, polishing of bosses crafting fixed the list is to big to share here.
Almost every one that has played mythos would agree there.. long live mythos =).


--- Quote from: [Moderator] Scotland on September 27, 2012, 02:32:57 pm ---(...) Almost every one that has played mythos would agree there.. long live mythos =).

--- End quote ---
I agree, no doubt  :) .
Drakensang could have been an alternative, they had the (financial) resources, but unfortunately they decided to grab the casual players and made it browser based.
TL2, well, guess we all have been waiting for it, but i have to admit, i m still playing the demo version; guess Outlander should be my class of choice, but at the moment i don't really like it  :( ,  so i still find myself trying to polish my lil Mythos gadgeteer  ;) ...


--- Quote from: [Moderator] Scotland on September 27, 2012, 02:32:57 pm ---Almost every one that has played mythos would agree there.. long live mythos =).

--- End quote ---
i agree too,but don't know how long more he can live if they don't make something.it still has potential to be number 1 of this list but potential without action is just potential :(
and we know to this list will be added more games soon...
grimdawn dated to 2013
sacred 3 development anounced last month
and many more alternative games under development...

marvel heroes
Realms of Ancient War
dungeon striker
lineage eternal
asura (Tencent Games)
Immortals (Ginno Games and NHN Games)
mu online 2
city of steam (browser)

[Moderator] Scotland:
realm of ancient war looks good and lineage eternal, really waiting on grim dawn tho.

ps; outlander at low lvl kinda sucked for me at least. didnt have as much fun as the others but later lvls
looks like it could kicks ass same with engineer.


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