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Hi to all
I have a problem with a quest obtained at the end of relics.
The quest is called FERUS' PAST. He tells me to go talk to Ferus in Ferus Forest ... I'm going but Ferus is not there ....
What should I do??

THX for help.


This used to help once in a while when a quest item or npc didn't appear when it was expected to appear:

First of all: Make sure you are entering the correct dungeon  ;) .
If you are sure, enter the dungeon, run a lil through the dungeon, then leave the dungeon. Do not reset dungeon. Then enter again. If you are lucky, the quest NPC or item is now available.

Hi guyz!

I finally found the solution to the quest:

1. go to the Archeological Expedition, enter the Relics Abandoned Beast Forest
2. kill the final boss and talk to the Spirit of Ferus
3. return to the beginning of the dungeon and talk to the bear.
4. out of the relics and reset the dungeon
5. go back and do all the quests that you encounter to the final boss

here is the solution!

have fun!


Where can you find more information?


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