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« on: April 17, 2013, 07:00:12 pm »
First an introduction,

I used to play this game, A LOT.
Suprised to see it still here.

So if you are reading you may be considering trying it out [or already attempted to do so]

What follows, would have got me a ban in the early days, and I think will serve to prove that this forum is no longer moderated in any form.

1. Forum is DEAD
2. Game Client is busted, man it looks like you cant even get it to install and run any more
   [it never WAS easy, what with the dumbass browser based launcher and all]
3. There is no in-game community [I very much suspect], apart from a small number of die-hards which may still be there [Hi Guys]
4. The only reason it's still up is a cynical and incompetent attempt at squeezing the last few [insert your currency of choice here] out of an idea that had soooo much potential. [ot Hanbit/T3 so incompetent that they can't even take a site down....]

edited not allowed, link removed
I wouldn't say its a better game, no Mythos is better [if only it worked], but

1. POE works
2. It is a true BETA, devs listen, report back, even appear in game :O
3. The community is, on the whole friendly, it has its fair share of assholes, but which game doesn't, hell, Mythos had LOADS, most of them worked for T3/Hanbit :D
4. There is a shop, only for cosmetic items, not like the money grabbing version Mythos had [has].

cya, losers.

Steph. xxx

p.s. STILL can't believe this **** is still here......
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« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2013, 10:20:17 pm »
I stumbled upon the post as i check in to the forum once in a while because i still hope they re-launch (an updated version of ;) ) the game, but obviously they didn't even reset Dungeon Masters for more than 4 months by now...  :(
Steph says PoE is an alternative, i didn't try that, but i tried TL2, and that's definetively fun - but still i am looking for something lijke Mythos was - or could have been, so be free to post your tips for any new games  ;) ...

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« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2013, 12:20:10 am »
Hey there StephTheGadget

It is so cool to see you here. I played hot and heavy for a few months about a year a ago and you were very kind to me then with stacks of advice and also you gave me POE closed beta key, which I used the hell out of.

Thank you for that!

I do not know why I decided to come to this forum tonight after being gone so long. I just remember having such a great time in Mythos for a while, I guess I got nostalgic.  The game did not have any support a year ago either and it is kind of creepy that it is still going in its own weird way like a zombie.

There is just something bazaar about a game that is for all purposes dead, still online with a cash shop.  It must be like owning a Coke machine out in the middle of nowhere at a gas station that is abandon... you still come out once a month and collect the few quarters that are in it.

This forum is like a shopping mall in a zombie movie... there are a couple of survivors still trying out the golf clubs for fun in the Sears store... with the creepy elevator music still playing on a loop.

Nice to see you again Steph!

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« Reply #3 on: May 03, 2013, 11:21:59 am »
=b i would come back if they "cared" about their community T3 just takes to long to do things like when waiting for the patch for new levels if it was put in faster i think you would have alot more players today its way better then POE witch is a good game but just doesnt cut it for me like mythos did i still have not found a mmo that is as good (oh a little advisement would have gone a far way for this game felt like it was just left in the dark if you ask me? =)

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« Reply #4 on: May 03, 2013, 05:05:22 pm »
Hi guys,

i miss this game so much sometimes.... i play PoE too but i got less fun than here :( :(
Damn ****

RIP to Mythos, we tried to make it up but it didn't work :( :( :(
I just wish someone will make survive... But only god can now !

Little hello to all my friends from here :) :)

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« Reply #5 on: July 10, 2013, 08:14:21 am »
1. when was forum ever not dead
2. you need new client to play
3. contradiction ?
4. agree

The forum is moderated and I uphold any ones freedom of speech and would argue your post is not worth any type of ban.
Talking about different versions of the game is completely different your a smart girl im sure you know that, but you where
unbanned =p

PS: it was not so long ago I remember you praising that you got in TL2 beta "so long suckers" your still visiting the forums tho =p.
PoE is a great game not many will deny that but its nothing like mythos.
Ive played PoE for over 2 years and I can tell you 1st hand the community stinks, the forums are the worst its no doubt mainly due to the fact there is no guild system so every one fends for them self.

This game (company?) has left a bad taste in your mouth steph
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