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Ard Solo Complete
« on: September 11, 2013, 03:39:50 pm »
So today I managed to solo Ard and killed every boss even Ranas, Its a huge achievement for me im glad its over.
It took me a long time with the right build but finally I have achieved my final Goal on mythos.

Unfortunately he did not drop any cool items, this dungeon is not supposed to be played solo its a party raid.

For any new players that don't know what Ard is, It is the hardest dungeon in mythos only 1 Guild (Legion) managed to kill this boss and I think im  the only person that's ever solo'd it. Good luck to any one else who attempts this dungeon you need it.
It took me all day with two attempts ill write down the build that I used.

Class- BloodLetter

STR 366, HP 482 ~ STR to Equip gear only the rest in Vit
Equipment  focused on... vit + max life > str > critical chance > crit bonus > spell dmg, boots 7% movement speed.

Blood sleet with all passives max
Thick Skin with all passives Max
Blood Hunger - Max (1 skill gem)
Blood Might - Max
Blade Specialist - Max (wield bladed weapon to increase dmg)
Razer Aura Max - No passive
Focusing Wounds - 1 point
Furious Focus, Blinding Focus and Focus Mastery Max
Red Mist - 1 point
Adrenaline Rush - 2 points, Passive Raze - 1 point
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Re: Ard Solo Complete
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2013, 09:26:36 pm »
Actually that's awesome - and i do remember our former ARD runs when i had the privilege to join your Elite Order partys, i would have never expected anyone to solo ARD (at least not in the Mythos Global version we have - or has there been any update i missed?).
Anyway - the chance of having some ARD runs in a party with you is def a cause to hop back to Mythos. See you next week  ;)!

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Re: Ard Solo Complete
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2013, 05:20:28 am »
There has been no change in the status of mythos, Ranas was actually pretty easy compared to teacher because of the kite method used on ranas. I almost died on Teacher the lich boss he got me down to 900hp hes a pain in the ass because there's nothing to hide behind with the fancy lock on skills  he has.

I find it much easyer when im solo, so don't expect any miracles =p, when other people are in the party things tend to go sour but if you have the patients im almost certain we can do it.

I never managed to do it on scotland because I was stubborn about tanking it, what is the point in being a tank if the boss can not be tanked. I always new it could be kited easy, I guess I had to much pride. I still believe in my head that it can be tanked but its requires testing with new builds and I just dont have the members to do it any more. I calculated that If i remove all my skill gems and add in perfect opals I can get 200k HP. The other method would be dropping hp for DMG and try stack life draw untill its over 15k HP draw a second (which is possible).  I would love to tank this boss but it looks like my only option is to kite it on Ecosse with sleet.

I ran out of speed potions and nearly ran out of perfect anti pots, 4 left wew... thank the uld gods for looking down on me
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Re: Ard Solo Complete
« Reply #3 on: September 16, 2013, 02:24:33 pm »
nice work bro'
i never imagine it can be possible o.O
i didnt have time yet to come back, but maybe one day...