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Important Reminder (Web Launcher)
« on: January 31, 2012, 05:08:15 am »
It’s just two more days to go before OBT. Is everyone excited?

In preparation for smooth progress of OBT, we would like to share some requirements for Mythos Global. Mythos Global is a web launcher-based game. As we have experienced during CBT, there were many players who had issues with the web launcher. Web launcher problem occurs once you try running this game using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

For all Chrome and Firefox users, you may use Internet Explorer in running this game, or follow the steps below.
1. Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable package and install it.   
          If your operating system is 32 Bit
          If your operating system is 64 Bit

2. Update your Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 version.

a. Window XP users:
Visit and update your Visual C++ 2005.

b. Window 7 users:
Go to Control Panel > Security Center > Windows Update. Then press “check for updates”. Once you find the update for Visual C++ 2005, please update it (Remember to click “check for updates”).

3. If you don’t see visual C ++ 2005 update file, then you may already have the updated version.

4. Once the OBT starts, for window XP users, skip step 4. For window 7 users, run the browser as administrator (simply right click on the browser icon, then choose run as administrator).

5. When you are done with the steps above, visit our website on Feb 2 (when OBT starts) and run the game.

Thank you! See you all on Feb 2 :)
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