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what othere games did you guys come from

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i am from king of kings 3   where i have a kingdom     i willl no longer play the game i have waited for this game for 2 years

and you

Not sure if we can tell other games here, but I'm playing two other MMORPGs. But definitely, I'll lessen my play time there to be able to play here. :) I've been waiting for this game too.


I've been to many games from tha past few years and still playin' hahaha  :P

hmmm, I think I've been around more than a dozen of games hehehe  ;D  ;)

I used to play LoTRO and RoM. I've lately been  fiddling with Skyrim and LoU.

Mythos EU [till it died]
Mythos RU
Saints Row the 3rd


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