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Gadgeteer Information
« on: January 19, 2012, 08:58:34 pm »
Gadgeteers are masters of machines and long-range attacks. They donít allow enemies to get near them. It is up to them whether to achieve it by firing a barrage of bullets, setting up powerful traps, or summoning drones and machines. Whichever the method, Gadgeteers pride themselves with dealing a lot of damage and making sure that the enemies will feel it.

Gadgeteers primarily rely on dealing damage at a distance. Thus, they exemplify a high amount of DEX to instantly kill enemies at a safe distance.

Gremlins are the ones exhibiting high DEX. A typical long-range Gadgeteer will most likely be a Gremlin.

The three skill trees of Gadgeteers are Marksman, Grenadier, and Tinkerer. Gadgeteers who choose the Marksman tree will find themselves relying heavily on their shooting capability. With skills that enhance the damage and rate of fire of their guns, they really are the ideal ranged damage dealers.

Grenadiers, as the name would say, are masters of grenades. They throw anything and everything, like poison grenades, flashbang, shrapnel, and bombs. They also utilize decoys that attract the enemiesí attention making the Grenadier safe from enemy aggression.

Lastly are the Tinkerers. They rely primarily on their machines to do mob cleaning. Tinkers can summon various widgets that can slow down enemies, shoot lightning bolts, or even heal the caster. They can also create turrets that release electrical currents or flame bursts. They even know how to make bombs that chase enemies before they explode.

Since Gadgeteers are long-range fighters, their weapons of choice are usually rifles and pistols.

But thatís not all
Experiment and explore! The Gadgeteer class is not restricted to the Gremlin race. They donít even need to force themselves to carry guns if they really donít like it. Who knows? You might go face-to-face with a wand-wielding Satyr Gadgeteer whoís filling the duel arena with turrets, widgets, and bombs.

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Re: Gadgeteer Information
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2012, 08:21:43 am »
hmm, what ARE those tier 30 skills about then.....

only ever seen the tinker ones before, and they got taken away because they were bugged.

[oooh, I'm all excited now :P]

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